We Played With FHIR
And Didn’t Get Burned
May 17, 2018

Back in February, we announced that we won the federal government’s Secure API Server Showdown. The national competition, which consisted of two stages, concluded this month.

You can read more about FHIR® and Asymmetrik’s winning solution here. And, make sure you listen to our first Asymmetrik Healthcare podcast. In this episode, Bryan Young and Andrew Marcus discuss interoperability and what it means for the future of digital healthcare.

The Contest

The competition was hosted by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). The ONC challenged the healthcare IT industry to figure out how systems could exchange data in a more modern and secure way. By linking systems together, patients could have a more seamless experience when visiting doctors, hospitals, and specialists within different health networks. Additionally, it could help the country tackle public health issues like the opioid crisis.

  • Stage 1: Build and submit a secure FHIR® server: FHIR® (pronounced “fire”) stands for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. It’s a newer standards framework for the healthcare industry which allows providers, payers and patients to pull together, manage and share health data. We’re thrilled that the ONC chose Asymmetrik’s solution as the Stage 1 winner.
  • Stage 2: Test the server: Next, teams from other healthcare IT vendors tested the Stage 1 winner’s solution to find security vulnerabilities. Stage 2 ended recently, and Boston-based 1UpHealth identified a few opportunities for us to strengthen our server. Our team addressed these areas right away and as a result, our solution is now more secure.

What’s next?

Soon, the ONC will publicize all confirmed security vulnerabilities found during the competition’s second stage. Through doing this, they hope to encourage the industry to identify and patch similar vulnerabilities in their own code. In the future, the ONC would like to see more “ready to use” servers that conform to the FHIR®-standard. They envision these as the foundation upon which others can build secure solutions.

At Asymmetrik, we believe that better technology can promote better health outcomes. We’re proud that our FHIR® server will support the government and the healthcare industry in moving their goals forward. So, if you think our approach to digital health can help your organization, contact us – we’d love to hear from you.