The A-Team: Sumeet Shah
Meet an Asymmetrik Software Engineer
May 02, 2019

Software Engineer Sumeet Shah has long been fascinated by the potential of technology to “change our lives and improve the human condition”. This is what inspired him to earn his degree in Biomedical Engineering, and eventually join Asymmetrik’s healthcare team. Since joining Asymmetrik, he has completed a Masters in Computer Science (specializing in Artificial Intelligence) and published a paper on AI explainability.


Currently, Sumeet and our team are building software solutions which help healthcare technology systems talk to one another, resulting in improved experiences for patients. Solving meaningful problems like this is what motivates Sumeet to come to work every day.

But, another big plus is the people he works with. He says, “The culture here is very positive and supportive. Everyone is smart, but no one is stuck up. I think that the community at Asymmetrik is really great, and our shared goals make it so that we’re all invested in each other’s success.”

We’re happy to have Sumeet on our team, not only for his positive energy, but for his interesting stories as well. He’s got quite a few – read on to learn more about this multi-talented engineer!

Fun Facts

  • He’s a gifted sitar player: “I’ve been playing the sitar for over a decade now! I was taught by my mom. Fun fact, the guy who taught the guy who taught my mom (so…my teacher’s teacher’s teacher) also taught George Harrison of the Beatles to play the sitar.”
  • He loves theme parties: Every year, Sumeet and his friends put on their version of the Olympics, which involves playing imaginary Olympic sports. “There are ceremonies, national anthems (some of which are made-up, like the Antarctic anthem, which is just a 2 minute recording of chilly wind noises), and medals.”
  • He loves to dance: In college, Sumeet danced on not one, but two dance teams. One team did hip-hop fusion. The other team performed an Indian dance called Raas, and even competed at a national level! Learning salsa is next on his list.
  • He’s lived in both a small town and a densely-populated megacity: In high school, his family moved from Peoria, IL (pop: 100,000) to Bangalore, India (pop: 8.5 million). It was a radical departure for this self-professed shy kid. Because everything in his life changed at once, he had to adapt quickly to “total chaos”. Now, he says, “I feel like there’s nothing I can’t handle. The experience has made me a more confident, outgoing, and self-assured person.”

two men and one woman playing sitar

Finding Inspiration

Indian Raas dance

Outside of work and his hobbies, Sumeet finds inspiration in the arts. Whether it’s dance, books, film, paintings, songs, music videos, or comedy, he’s interested in how people tell stories to each other.

He especially likes how art has the power to affect people; how it can “relax, cheer up, sadden, scare, and inspire us.” Sumeet admires those that have mastered the “ability to communicate not just the narrative facts, but emotions. The most memorable aspect of a good story isn’t what exactly happened, but how it made you feel.”

You could say that he applies this idea to his life, too. “A good life is one that is filled with smiles and laughter. I guess if my life is a story, what people are going to remember is how I made them feel. So I want that feeling to be a positive one.”