The A-Team: Joyce Le
Meet an Asymmetrik Software Engineer
Aug 04, 2021

Joyce Le joined The A-Team this year after graduating from University of California, Irvine. So far, she’s putting her B.S. in Computer Science to good use, helping to build usable and modern tools for Asymmetrik’s government division.

Joyce Le Asymmetrik Software Engineer headshot

Joyce was attracted to the idea of joining a smaller company, which she feels is an ideal environment to learn and grow her skills. She also wanted the opportunity to do meaningful work that makes a real-world impact, which makes Asymmetrik a perfect fit!

Due to Joyce’s tech-savvy dad, technology runs in her blood. Joyce says that she loves software engineering, especially “…the like-minded people I’ve met along the way. Some of the best friendships I’ve formed have been with people I met while studying Computer Science in my undergrad.” And this carries over to Asymmetrik, where she says, “The best thing I like about working here is the people! I’ve been working completely remotely so far, but everyone I’ve met has been absolutely great.”

Here, we catch up with Joyce and learn what makes her tick!

What achievement are you most proud of?

My proudest achievement is actually one that is still currently in progress, which is completing a Master’s degree in Computer Science while working full-time. It’s not so much the rigor of coursework that makes me proud, it’s the commitment to balancing free time with extra work that, while relevant to my career, has been completely self-voluntary and self-motivated from the start.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I like chilling by myself and reading books or listening to music and just relaxing. I also like to play tennis and enjoy the good, carefree atmosphere that playing with close friends brings. Occasionally I like to go hiking with my sister and explore the great outdoors.

Do you have an unpopular opinion on anything?

Spicy food shouldn’t be a thing–the fact that it’s even spicy means that it was specifically designed not to be eaten. How’s that for a “hot take”?

How do you define a “good life”?

A good life is a life full of freedom, in every sense of the word. My favorite character from my favorite story once said, “Remember the things others do for you, not the things you do for others. Only when people don’t hold so much in their hearts would they finally feel free.”

Joyce Le software engineer hiking