The A-Team: Jessica Diehl
Meet an Asymmetrik Recruiter
Sep 16, 2021

Today we’re shining a spotlight on a member of our Recruiting Team, Jessica Diehl.

Jessica Diehl Air Force

Though Jessica joined The A-Team last month, she’s known about Asymmetrik for years because of her husband Mark. Not only is Mark an Asymmetrik Program Manager, he’s one of our best brand ambassadors (he also recruited analyst extraordinaire Aimee Sanfilippo). Over the years, Jessica has gotten to know plenty of employees at company events, and says that “Asymmetrik set the tone for my expectations on how company and employee relationships should feel – like family”.

Here, we get to know Jessica and what makes her tick.

What was your career path to recruiting?

I joined the Air Force as a morse code operator which ultimately turned into a dying career field (womp womp). This resulted in various positions throughout my career, including some time as an intelligence analyst. Upon my exit from the military I had to make a decision on the career I wanted to take.

I certainly didn’t want to go the analyst route because I preferred a job with windows. And, I also didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk and computer all day. What I really enjoy is talking to people and promoting things I love.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Spare time.. what’s that? 😉 I’m a mother of two girls, so whatever time I do get to myself will consist of napping with my dog Dobby (the most spoiled dog on earth), working out, running, hiking, or paddleboarding in the summer.

What have been the most influential experiences in your life?

Jessica Diehl hiking

Growing up in Panama (Central America) & being an Air Force brat! Experiencing life outside of small towns where we lived after my dad retired motivated me to join the military, and make a different life for myself.

The military is what allowed me to achieve my proudest things in life which was meeting the love of my life, raising two daughters, and growing into a career I love.

Fun Facts

  • Elvis officiated her wedding in Las Vegas: And naturally, she wore blue suede shoes for the occasion.
  • Her “unpopular opinion”: “Pineapple on pizza, and fruit in salad are AMAZING!”
  • She loves helping animals: Jessica volunteers with the SPCA Race Team, which works with shelter dogs to help them get socialized and (hopefully) adopted. Every weekend, the team takes a few dogs out to Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. Then, each dog pairs with a volunteer to run around the park for 30-45 minutes. It’s a great way to get in a run, spend time with great dogs, and bring some visibility to the SPCA’s mission!

Jessica Diehl kayaking