The A-Team: Gina Phipps
Meet an Asymmetrik Software Engineer
Nov 16, 2020

Imagine moving over 2000 miles across the country with only a backpack and a suitcase, to live in a place you’ve never visited, know little about, and where you don’t know a single person. Sound intimidating? Well, that’s exactly what Software Engineer Gina Phipps did when she decided to take the plunge and join The A-Team.

Gina Phipps headshot

After graduating Oregon State with a Computer Science degree, she decided to focus her job search on companies building impactful software that would allow her to solve tough problems and keep growing her skills. “I wanted to work for a small company with modern technologies, people who care about their work, and get the chance to do something meaningful.” So, when she received Asymmetrik’s offer, she was excited to pack her bags and come on board.

We’re happy to report that two years in, Gina is not disappointed. In fact, she says the cross-country move right after college was one of the most influential experiences of her life: “I still think I was crazy for doing it, but it’s been very rewarding.”

Life Outside of Work

Gina Phipps holding loaf of bread and cat

Between developing software, spending time with friends and her adopted cat Griffin, and exploring her new hometown, Gina’s been busy. However, the coronavirus pandemic put much of that exploration on hold this year. So, like many people, she’s taken the opportunity to dive deeper into hobbies such as baking: “I’ve been trying a lot more new things, and have been having a lot of successes with bread!”

Gina Phipps taking photo of trees and stream

She’s also spending more time outdoors. Besides hiking and photography, Gina recently got into kayaking, since it’s a good way to see friends while social distancing. But, as she discovered, there was a learning curve.

“I started this summer out with an inflatable kayak instead of a hard shell. I took it on a river that was really low, got stuck on some rocks, and tore a hole in the seam, but didn’t notice. Then, I took it out on a big lake. After paddling around for an hour, I realized I was sinking, and paddled as hard as I could for another hour to get back to shore. By the time I got back, the only things keeping me afloat were the sides of the kayak.”

Fun Facts:

  • The three items she’d bring to a deserted island:
    “Is a 3d printed house one item? If so, one of those, a comfy bed, and a multitool with a fire starter. I feel like a sturdy shelter and a comfy bed aren’t really DIY-able, and without the bed I’d get back pain. I could do wood carving or something to pass the time, and can probably improvise everything else with the multitool…assuming there was food…”
  • If she could be an animal, she’d be a dolphin: “I love being around water, and I think the ocean is a better place for predators over prey. Plus, dolphins look pretty cool, and I could go play around tourist boats!”
  • Her definition of a “life well lived? “I think it’s to be able to look back and say that you’ve done things that make you feel accomplished, and that you helped leave the world better than it was before. Nobody doesn’t have regrets, so it’s important to find things that fulfill you instead of focusing on what you want or don’t have.”