The A Team: Erin Fortuni
Meet an Asymmetrik Analyst
Apr 22, 2021

Have you met Intelligence Analyst Erin Fortuni? After hearing about Asymmetrik through a friend, Erin joined The A-Team earlier this year, and couldn’t be happier with her decision. She says, “What I like most about Asymmetrik is the people! It is a much happier and friendly bunch than I have experienced elsewhere.”

Erin Fortuni headshot

Between parenting, school, and serving in the Army Reserves, Erin’s certainly busy outside of work. But, when she does have a spare moment, this nature-lover likes to hike, paddle board, and enjoy the great outdoors. Erin is passionate about the environment and does what she can to protect the earth. “I work daily to change peoples’ perceptions, from kindly informing cashiers about plastic bags, to heated liquid-courage-fueled debates over climate change policies.” Although, she’s careful to emphasize that she only does this with friends, not strangers!

Serving the Country

Erin Fortuni hiking with daughter
While majoring in Linguistics at Rutgers University, Erin decided to join the Army as a linguist/analyst. She says, “I love that my career has such a huge importance for our nation, because it makes me feel as if I am doing good for the people.”

Erin cites joining the Army as one of the most influential experience of her life. “I was living in an area with many negative influences; most of my childhood friends were not progressing in life and succumbing to addiction. I am proud that I removed myself from that and I feel so lucky to have found my life calling in doing so, serving our nation.”

Fun Facts

  • She is a woman of many talents: “I have worked many interesting jobs including as a cook on a fishing boat and a volunteer EMT, certified in water rescue and low angle rope rescue.”
  • Her desert island wishlist: “A tarp (I have used those for everything in the field), vegetable seeds, and a genie in a bottle (or a multi-tool).”
  • The movie she’s watched more times than she’d care to admit: Tim Burton’s 1988 classic, Beetlejuice. “I watched Beetlejuice as a kid, A LOT. I suppose it wasn’t hard to tell I was weird from early on.”