LeighannLeighann Taylor – Analytic Coordinator

Leighann embodies the art of leadership. She develops elegant solutions to complex problems. Leveraging 16 years of technical intelligence and systems engineering experience within the Department of Defense, to include 5 years as a Naval Officer, Leighann understands how to translate vision into reality. Our client’s fiercest problems are no match for this Clemson University grad, whose blood is tinted tiger orange.

Steve PStephen Pankovcin – Security & Operations Manager

When it comes to keeping our castle safe and sound, Stephen is Asymmetrik’s knight at the gate. Instead of a broadsword and chainmaille, he brings his broad range of security knowledge to the team. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Business from SUNY Plattsburgh and his battle scars—mainly security form stapling—from half a decade of work in operational security management.

Julianna PJuliana Pignotti – Staffing and PR Coordinator

As Staffing and PR Coordinator, Juliana is our secret weapon in keeping our culture amazing. She deftly wields her project coordination and organizational skills as the planner of all things social. You’ll also find her at career fairs recruiting the brightest for The A-Team. Ju originally hails from Brazil, but defies all stereotypes and doesn’t do capoeira, play soccer or dance—though she does make a mean caipirinha.

Toni FToni Fung – Brand Manager

As Brand Manager, Toni helps Asymmetrik craft its external voice. Master of all things social media, she shouts from the rooftops (er, through a laptop) to let everyone know what an amazing place Asymmetrik is to work. Toni is a proud University of Maryland grad with an extensive background in attracting high-level talent and growing teams. In her spare time, she plays in the dirt, entertains cats, and lifts heavy things.

Joe PJoe Poplawski – Recruiting Manager

Recruiting is the second favorite thing Joe likes to do. He’s been recruiting for thirty eight years and learns something new every day. He’s passionate about putting the right person in the right position and proud of the quality of the candidates we hire at Asymmetrik. Joe’s #1 favorite activity is reading. His favorites include biography, history, technology and . . . . resumes, so send yours in right away!

Farley the SheepFarley – Cultural Attaché

Addicted to taking selfies, Farley the Sheep will sneak into your luggage for your next vacation or TDY. He’s not shy about meeting new people and spreading the Asymmetrik message that a few talented folks can make an enormous difference. As the cultural attaché, other duties as assigned include trying new cuisines, touring ancient ruins, and learning new languages.