The A-Team: Aimee Sanfilippo
Meet an Asymmetrik Analyst
Aug 09, 2017

As a kid in Northern California, becoming an analyst was the furthest thing from Aimee Sanfilippo’s mind. Instead, she dreamt of traveling the world as a celebrity chef, working at different restaurants across the globe (and one day even cooking for her idols Paul McCartney and Gilda Radner).

After landing her first job at a restaurant, Aimee realized that she wanted to take a different path in life. She figured she should come up with a “Plan B” which would still allow her to see the world. By joining the Army, Aimee was able to travel overseas, plus she gained the experience she needed to jump start her career as an analyst.

Analyst Aimee Sanfilippo, Thumbs Up

Becoming an Analyst

As a member of our analytics team, Aimee examines and discovers patterns in large streams of data. She loves solving hard problems every day and helping our clients filter out important information from a mountain of data sources.

Fun Fact: In the military, Aimee inadvertently steered her career towards analytics due to a piece of advice she received early on. “Someone told me not to pass the Morse code aptitude test, because otherwise that’s all I would do for my entire Army career. I ‘failed’ the aptitude test three times before they finally gave up on me going to Morse school!”

Coming to Asymmetrik

Like many employees, Aimee was referred to Asymmetrik by a friend. One day, she noticed her fellow analyst Mark toting his Asymmetrik water bottle, and asked him about it. It turns out this was part of Mark’s not-so-subtle plan to recruit her. “He said that I could have a bottle of my own if I joined the team. He accidentally left 10 million of his business cards laying around, just in case!”

It’s such a good time that it doesn’t feel like working at all

Over 2 years later, Aimee’s still having a blast (she’s the life of the party here, though she swears she was a wallflower as a teenager). “Working at Asymmetrik is really refreshing, after previously working for a large contracting company. It’s such a good time that it doesn’t feel like working at all!”

Living a Good Life

Analyst Aimee Sanfilippo in Tahitian Islands

As an adult, Aimee’s made peace with not being a celebrity chef. She’s still interested in travel, and her trip to Mo’orea remains one of her all-time favorite experiences.

“For a long time, I wanted to travel to the Tahitian islands and stay in a hut over the water, but I kept putting it off for one reason or another.” By taking advantage of Asymmetrik’s 4 weeks of paid time off, Aimee was able to finally take the plunge.

During this trip, Aimee discovered the freedom in traveling solo. “I got to relax, explore, read, meet new people, swim with sharks and stingrays, and get a traditional tattoo. It was an all around amazing experience.”

To Aimee, living a good life means not being afraid of taking risks. “Often, we put our dreams on hold until we think the time is just right. I realized that there is no right time, so you have to just go for it!”

Analyst Aimee Sanfilippo Baby with Sunglasses

Even as she’s seizing the moment, Aimee stays grounded and is grateful for everything she has. She cherishes her time with friends and family, and hopes that she’ll stay healthy enough to continue traveling into her golden years.

These days, the only thing Aimee finds herself wishing for is more time (she’s been busy since her son Jack was born earlier this year). Still, she’s pretty content: “I have a good family, great friends, an awesome dog, a roof over my head and the coolest baby boy – so far so good!”