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Infographic stating that increased patient involvement can dramatically improve patient and doctor satisfaction

Let’s face it – digital healthcare is difficult. Hospitals deal with outdated enterprise technology, unpredictable security challenges, and bureaucratic processes – all while striving to provide value-based, patient-centered care.

Asymmetrik’s digital healthcare solutions create a positive impact for both patients and health systems. Our user-centered design approach promotes greater accessibility and can dramatically improve patient and physician satisfaction. Using our extensive expertise in systems interoperability, data analytics, and UX optimization, we help hospitals and health systems improve the cost and quality of care.

* Several studies have shown that well designed PHR and EHR systems can achieve satisfaction rates of up to 90%: Measuring the Impact of Patient Portals: What the Literature Tells Us, The Missing Link: Bridging The Patient-Provider Health Information Gap.


Our Solutions

Whether you’re seeking increased efficiency, robust security solutions, improved patient satisfaction and engagement, or better health outcomes, Asymmetrik can help.

Patient Engagement

Graphic depicting complete digital healthcare experience

Empower Patients to Make Informed Decisions.

Boost patient engagement and retention by making it easier for patients to take an active role in their care.

Asymmetrik’s mobile and web-based engagement tools give patients instant access to the information they need. We provide solutions that help patients find the right doctor or facility, identify and book appointments online, and bypass the waiting room to receive care.

Customer Conversion

Visualize and analyze healthcare customer conversion and retention with our solutions

Direct Patients to your Physicians and Hospitals.

Stay competitive and reduce costs with Asymmetrik’s healthcare marketing and analysis solutions.

Unlike off-the-shelf data visualization software, our tools help you manage, visualize, and analyze your digital marketing efforts. Connect directly to customer touchpoint services like Twilio and Google Analytics for complete visibility throughout your entire campaign. Continuous tracking lets you to make on-the-fly adjustments and optimize your marketing efforts in real-time.


HIPAA Compliant

Keep Patient Data and Services Secure.

Simply meeting compliance regulations does not ensure protection against cybersecurity threats.

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Guarding electronic protected health information (ePHI) is more important than ever. Asymmetrik specializes in robust digital safeguards for both public and internal services. We help healthcare IT departments transition from outdated on-premise hardware to HIPAA-compliant cloud-based solutions.

Transforming Healthcare

Together we can transform healthcare for the better. Asymmetrik provides digital healthcare solutions that help patients find the right care while improving the efficiency of our customers and the healthcare industry.

Supporting Healthier Outcomes for Patients

We leverage our extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to help contextualize data. During rapidly changing episodes of care, we can help prioritize information for patients and physicians and increase successful outcomes.

Our solutions also allow physicians to refer patients with chronic diseases to community health education classes and social services at the point of care. Once patients are enrolled, the care doesn’t stop there – doctors can monitor their progress over time, using Asymmetrik’s analytic tools.

Quality Care and Improved Costs for Hospitals

Asymmetrik’s experience navigating the complexities of physicians databases, HIPAA requirements, healthcare marketing, billing systems, and EHR integrations helps hospitals operate more efficiently – ultimately improving costs and fostering higher quality care.

With our advanced EHR solutions, it’s easy for doctors to find the right specialist referrals within their health system, ensuring that patients don’t need to look elsewhere for the best possible care.

Improving IT Standards for Healthcare

We partner directly with EHR vendors and hospitals to build next-generation FHIR-capable tools, improving data security, patient data portability and privacy.

The ability for patients to securely control and share their own health data relies on FHIR, the emerging standard supporting Meaningful Use Level 3.

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