Secure your digital infrastructure.

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the business, economic, and human consequences of breaches are growing every day. Asymmetrik specializes in robust digital safeguards for both public and private infrastructure. We help healthcare IT departments transition from outdated on-premise hardware to HIPAA-compliant cloud-based solutions. And, we help safeguard our nation’s most critical information resources.

Many organizations aren’t even aware of existing vulnerabilities and threats to their digital infrastructure. We want to help protect their most valuable resources so they can focus on making their business even stronger.

Amit Singh, CTO and Partner

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Are your digital assets secure? We design and build secure cloud infrastructures for multiple industries including commercial healthcare and the intelligence community. Our experience includes building HIPAA-compliant data management systems, secure data interoperability platforms, and monitoring and maintaining existing public-facing applications.

Cyber Operations and Analysis

Security doesn’t stop at deployment. We have extensive experience performing penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and monitoring network infrastructures. Our background in computer network operations and digital network analysis allows us to rapidly detect, assess, and respond to cyber threats.


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