Hyper-accelerated agile development.

Asymmetrik’s Slipstream® is a configurable development model that sits between off-the-shelf software and a fully custom solution.

SlipStream® enables organizations to solve critical problems by combining Asymmetrik’s elite technical team with advances gained from customers in non-competing markets who are facing similar problems. By partnering with Asymmetrik, each customer becomes part of a symbiotic virtual team, moving faster than ever before.

Each SlipStream® partner leads and benefits in line with their organization’s strengths and needs. Their exclusive team has the assembled resources to address today’s challenges in ways that are scalable, cost effective, and efficient — uniting the insights of their peers with the benefits of open source technology.


Asymmetrik identifies your business challenges and assembles a team of experts from various technological, analytical, and strategic disciplines. This team will continually interact with users from your organization throughout the process to ensure our solution matches your needs.


Asymmetrik’s engineers, using insights from team members and your project leads, will develop a software solution, then rapidly implement and deploy it. This will include a Rapid Spin Cycle, in effect, multiple version releases each day to allow for quick revisions and interations.


The software solution is released to multiple users within your organization. During this time, we’ll assemble feedback on a continual basis, and work closely with your team to evolve the solution to meet the ever-changing challenges you encounter in your marketplace—quickly and affordably.


Working with a small team of experts is valuable. Bringing our clients into the process and making them essential members of this collaboration is what allows us to move at the speed of need.