Meet our Mascot
All About Farley the Black Sheep
Mar 14, 2017

Farley the black sheep has long been the unofficial mascot at Asymmetrik. He embodies the kinds of traits we as Asymmetrik-ers value. Farley isn’t afraid to challenge assumptions or go against the prevailing opinion – in other words, he’s not afraid to stand out from the herd.

Farley the World Traveler

When he isn’t blazing new paths to help our customers, Farley is prone to stowing away in luggage when our employees go on vacation all over the world. After all, Work-Life Balance is a top priority for him (and Asymmetrik)!

As our mascot, Farley isn’t shy about meeting new people and spreading the word about Asymmetrik. But, he’s also our cultural attaché. And in this role, his duties include trying new cuisines, touring ancient ruins, and learning new languages. So far, he’s picked up how to say “donde esta la biblioteca?” in Icelandic and Italian. When he returns from his latest trip to Orlando, we suspect he’ll be able to speak Floridian as well.

What kind of mascot would he be if he didn’t have passions?

Farley at Zion National Park

Farley has been to Disney World several times, indulged in Las Vegas, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Nashville. He’s explored French Polynesia, bathed in the hot springs of Iceland, hiked Zion, skied Snowbird/Alta, and DH mountain biked in Bellingham, WA. And that’s just the start. What kind of mascot would he be if he didn’t have passions?

Farley playing foosball

Farley the Office Resident

Farley is also the perfect ovine resident. He fits in well with everyone here. Though, he is prone to occasionally snack on office plants. He’s also a gifted coder and loves working with diverse A-Teamers who share his love of craft beer, fine coffee, cycling, hiking, climbing, art, cars, competitive foosball, travel, and tons more. The one thing he is not, is musically inclined. But, that’s ok. We’ve got a renowned bassoonist, an accordionist, and a saxophone player among our ranks. So, Farley just lives vicariously by baaa’ing along.

If you’re ever in our office, look around and see if you can spot our mascot hanging out. He’d love to meet you!