Why I Love Working at Asymmetrik
Thoughts From Our First Employee
Oct 10, 2017

Systems Engineer Erica Vander Voort has the distinction of being the very first employee hired at Asymmetrik. In 2006, after working on a successful project with Amit Singh and Mike Frentz, Erica discovered that they shared a similar vision, work ethic, and most importantly, a love of good BBQ sauce.

Systems Engineer Erica and Family

At the time, Erica worked for a government contractor which had just been acquired by a national corporation. She was wary about transitioning to a large company environment. When Amit floated the idea of joining his tiny startup, Erica decided to take a leap of faith.

Here, Erica shares what she loves most about being part of The A-Team.


One of the best parts about our office is that it’s creative and collaborative every day. The common trait among people who work here is that we’re invigorated by figuring out really large and hard-to-solve problems.

Software engineers working together at whiteboard

Our teams are real teams that encourage employees to actively participate and share ideas. When you walk into our office, you’ll see evidence of this: dozens of white boards covered in data flow diagrams, tasks, and architecture sketches.

Be wary if you walk into a software company with empty whiteboards!

Working with all these smart people pushes everyone to do better. As a result, we’ve developed a great reputation. I can’t even tell you the number of times that I’ve met someone new and they commented on our reputation for outstanding software or stellar customer service. Since those early days, our sphere of influence has grown quite a bit, and now includes commercial healthcare as well as multiple government agencies.


It can be challenging to balance work with family, hobbies, school and everything else. Because life is unpredictable, Asymmetrik provides generous paid time off, plus flexibility to work from home. And, employees are welcome to bring their children into the office if they need to. Good thing we have a big game room stocked with games and toys!

the CTO babysat my kids while I ran off to a meeting

This is hands-down the most family-friendly place I’ve ever worked. Once, I was in a bind and needed to attend a meeting, so Amit offered to watch my kids for an hour or two so I could bring home the bacon. Let that sink in: the CTO babysat my kids while I ran off to a meeting.

I Feel Connected

Even though we don’t all work in the same room, no one exists in a vacuum. I love that we have so many ways to connect with one another – Slack, Google Hangouts, our internal intranet, and even a remote-controlled telepresence robot.

In addition, we host regular social events so people can get to know one another. However, we know that everyone is different – not all employees enjoy socializing. That’s why events are truly optional, and there’s no pressure to participate. Nobody likes “forced fun”.

The wonderful thing about our company is that spouses, significant others, and kids are welcome at almost every event. We’ve hosted game nights, whiskey tastings, pajama parties for charity, themed happy hours (Talk Like a Pirate, Kentucky Derby, Halloween, Oktoberfest), Ugly Sweater Holiday celebrations, family BBQs, you name it!

Asymmetrik Company Holiday Party

A-Team For Life

Over the years, I’ve watched Asymmetrik grow from 1 to over 70 employees. It’s been an incredible ride, and I’ve met tons of great people during my time here. All those years ago, when Amit ended his recruiting pitch by asking me, “What’s the worst that could happen?”, I’m glad I decided to find out. 10 years later, I have no regrets.