It’s a Crab Feast! Or is it a Fest?
A Recap of Our 2018 Family Picnic
Sep 28, 2018

Asymmetrik CrabFeastFest gray T-shirt

We always look forward to Fall since it means Asymmetrik Family Picnic time! This year, we wanted to switch things up because hey, variety is the spice of life. In Maryland, crab season is one of the best times of the year. So, we decided to celebrate with an Asymmetrik Crab FeastFest.

Oh, and about that name…there was a spirited debate in our office about whether “Crab Feast” or “Crab Fest” was correct. Thus, “Crab FeastFest” was born, and we made it official with custom T-shirts featuring our mascot Farley battling a crab. Kudos to Asymmetrik employee and UX Designer Libby Duryee for creating the original design!

Even though it rained a lot on Sunday, we braved the weather to venture out to Centennial Park. The A-Team came prepared to go to town on bushels of crabs and beer. We’re happy to say that the crabs did not disappoint. Meaty, heavy, and perfectly seasoned, they were just right, thanks to Waterman’s Pride of Baltimore.

man holding crabs and beer at crab feast

In fact, it was a full-on feast complete with plenty of delicious food including crab soup, fried chicken, roast beef, cucumber salad, fresh fruit, and all the picnic sides we could eat. And to cap it all off, an ice cream cart filled to the brim with frozen desserts. What kid (or adult) could resist?

people sitting at table eating crabs crab feast

Since Centennial Park was a little too soggy to explore, we had lots of family-friendly activities planned. Kids played with Legos, water guns, and bubble wands. Combine that with caricaturists, balloon art makers, face painters, card games, and live music – now that’s a party!

All in all, it was a great day, despite the gray skies. Employees brought their friends, kids, parents, and significant others, and it was fun to meet everyone in the extended Asymmetrik family. The A-Team keeps growing and we suspect next year’s family picnic will be even bigger and better. And on that note, if you want to see what life on our team is like, check out our careers page. Maybe we’ll see you at next year’s Crab FeastFest!

three men and one woman watching artist draw

kids at playground eating ice cream smiling

man and woman playing cards black and white

employees posing for group photo at family picnic