FHIR DevDays Recap
Plus, Lobster Rolls in Boston!
Aug 01, 2018

Our team had a blast at HL7 FHIR DevDays! Not only was the conference insightful and collaborative, it was held in Boston – home of seriously tasty lobster rolls.

If you weren’t able to make it to the sold-out conference, don’t worry. You can listen to Episode 2 of Asymmetrik’s Healthcare podcast, where we recap and discuss what we learned.

Why did we go to FHIR DevDays?

Since building our award-winning secure FHIR server we’ve become increasingly engaged with the emerging FHIR community. We’ve had a wonderful experience with the community, and are excited to collaborate on moving the FHIR standard forward.

Asymmetrik team FHIR DevDays

Lead Developer Andrew Marcus also gave a talk on FHIR security in NodeJS. Andrew shared our technical approach to building a FHIR server that’s secure, extensible and scalable, and which can be connected to any data source.

Additionally, Andrew discussed security best practices and how to apply them to the FHIR standard. Andrew’s talk went well and as a result, the conference organizers invited our team to give an extended talk at the next FHIR DevDays conference in Amsterdam.

Overall, the conference was a success. We made new friends, gained insights, ate a ton of lobster, and enjoyed gorgeous harbor views from The State Room, where the conference was held. If you’re a developer looking to get more involved with FHIR and healthcare interoperability, we highly recommend attending FHIR DevDays.

Boston harbor view from State Room

What’s Next?

Now, we plan to incorporate what we learned into future versions of our open source server and contribute back to the community. Though we’re focusing much of our effort in security, we’re also helping to move the FHIR GraphQL standard forward. And, we’ll be working with the community on taxonomy mapping and cross-version endpoint negotiation.

Next, at FHIR DevDays Amsterdam, we’ll take a deeper dive into FHIR security. Hope to see you there!