Your problems never saw us coming.

Any company can say they’re experts in a particular discipline. But can they deliver the results that matter? For over a decade, we’ve been developing novel solutions to serve essential industries, from government to healthcare. We’ve developed expertise in a wide range of disciplines—and we’ve got a track record of success in each.

Whether we’re developing a data visualization tool for the intelligence community or helping a healthcare organization provide accessible care for patients, we’re driven to deliver exceptional solutions.

Systems Integration

We have a proven track record for solving the toughest challenges for the healthcare and government industries. We are right at home building large-scale enterprise systems, crafting elegant user applications, and creating secure and interoperable data integration solutions. We have the experience and expertise to solve the most critical needs of our customers.

Agile Software Development

We combine rapid development and validated learning with a relentless ops tempo to build relevant and impactful solutions for our customers. Resonance™ is our systems engineering approach to efficiently validating and delivering solutions for the business needs of our customers. SlipStream® is our battle-proven development methodology that is designed to keep pace with our customer’s missions.

Human Factors & User Experience

We leverage human factors, cognitive psychology, and user experience principles to create holistic solutions for our customers. Our team applies a user-centered approach that incorporates lean UX and design methodologies. We include everyone (users, stakeholders, and team members) at every step of the process, all while maintaining an agile approach. Our unique blend of graphic design, UX architecture, and user interface development expertise allows us to support a wide range of UX-related tasks, including analysis, user research, and design.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Becoming a data-driven organization is critical in an increasingly digital world. But, data is useless without meaningful analytics and visualizations. We apply modern analytic frameworks, advanced machine learning techniques, and custom data visualizations to uncover critical insights for our healthcare and intelligence community customers. We developed Sentio® to enable analysts and decision-makers interactively explore large, dynamic data sets in real-time.

Cybersecurity & Analysis

Our cybersecurity analysts and engineers are the best in the business. Whether they are hardening cloud infrastructure or performing vulnerability assessments, they are focused on safeguarding the digital resources of our customers. Through our cybersecurity services, we have built HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions and hardened large-scale consumer-facing websites for the healthcare industry. And, we provide computer network operation and analysis services that help protect our nation’s information and resources.

Federated Search

Discovering and accessing data from multiple disparate sources is a challenge for many researchers and analysts. We design and support convenient, efficient, and useful solutions that provide a single search interface for a unified set of results. We leverage industry best practices for a sustainable solution to provide end users with the data they need to find timely answers to all their questions.