The A Team: Aaron Armstrong
Meet an Asymmetrik Analyst
Nov 10, 2017

In celebration of Veteran’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on Aaron Armstrong – Air Force veteran, analyst, and woodworker extraordinaire.

Aaron Armstrong Air Force veteran

We think we’re pretty fortunate to have Aaron on The A-Team. But in an alternate reality, he might have chosen a different path altogether. Due to his love of biology, working with his hands, and “dissecting stuff” as a teenager, a career as a surgeon seemed inevitable. However, that changed completely when he discovered computers.

Aaron cites his Commodore 64 as the inspiration for his lifelong fascination with technology. Even back then, he admired the “massive computing power” of that ancient machine. He remembers being in sheer awe of what he could do with it.

After college, Aaron decided to explore technology further in the Air Force, where he did everything from web development to cyber analysis. Today, Aaron remains fascinated by the power of computers and uses modern machines to identify patterns within vast amounts of data.

Aaron’s grateful to the military for exposing him to different facets of technology, and looks back fondly at his time served. In fact, being an Air Force veteran is one of his proudest achievements. “Sometimes I still can’t believe this mama’s boy completed 20 years in the military…it was a fantastic experience!”

Hobbies and Passions

Aaron has been The A-Team’s resident artisan woodworker for the last 6 years. So far, he’s crafted us a custom cornhole set, a logo-ed wood top for our kegerator, and his masterpiece: a working 6-foot Nutcracker for the holidays. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

handmade wood bar

Back in the day, Aaron was also an avid marathon runner. He appreciated the way distance running gave him long stretches of uninterrupted time to think. But when a foot injury forced him to seek out another outlet for his energy, he decided to try woodworking.

Turns out that was just the thing to fill the void. He finds the level of focus and concentration required in woodworking almost as satisfying as running. Usually on weekends you’ll find Aaron working on his next big project.

To date, his most ambitious creation has been a swanky wood bar for his basement. In the future, Aaron’s dream is to “build the most amazing tree house ever conceptualized” – which is exactly what he’d do if he won $1 million tomorrow. His design sounds pretty amazing to us (and includes a moat and drawbridge, of course).

finished handmade wood bar

In addition to woodworking, Aaron has another passion – Halloween. It may not be immediately obvious when you meet this mild-mannered and reserved guy, but Halloween decorating and hosting costume parties is something he throws himself into wholeheartedly each Fall.

Side note: Anybody who wanders into the back of his basement is in for an unfortunate surprise – that’s where he keeps a giant stash of his creepiest decorations.

Life on The A-Team

At Asymmetrik, Aaron’s thrown some great Halloween parties over the years. One of his favorite things about working here is the people – to him, our office feels like a big family. “Even as new people come aboard, they seem like old pals to me, almost immediately. It’s because of how we hire to make sure people fit the culture. I love that about us.”

We’re glad that he’s part of The A-Team too, and we have to agree with his life philosophy: “It’s not always about competition, so relax a little and enjoy a Manhattan from time to time.”

Man in suit holding drink