CHC 2018 Recap
Apps and BBQ in Kansas City
Oct 29, 2018

Cerner Health Conference CHC2018

This month, The A-Team headed to Kansas City for the Cerner Healthcare Conference (CHC 2018). Not only did we get to see firsthand where the healthcare industry is going with FHIR-based applications, we got to try Kansas City’s famous BBQ. The verdict on the burnt ends at Jack Stack Barbeque? Two thumbs up!

Cerner Code App Challenge

Over the summer, Cerner ran a nationwide Code App Challenge for innovative new healthcare apps. Our team developed the Cardiac Consultant app with Mile Two in order to help doctors talk to patients about stroke and heart disease risk. Cardiac Consultant’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use and understand. We hope that it’s part of a greater trend to make health data more useful to both doctors and patients.

Bryan Young presenting on stage at Cerner Health Conference CHC2018

Since the Cerner team selected our app as a finalist, they invited us to speak at CHC 2018. Director of Healthcare Strategy Bryan Young gave two great talks and a demo. We also enjoyed steller presentations from the other Code App finalists InveniQA, MedStar Health, and SeeCOL.

Although Cardiac Consultant was not the overall winner, we’re honored to be part of Cerner’s final four. Plus, we had a great experience building the app with Mile Two!

CHC 2018

Later, we talked to developers from health systems interested in building new solutions based on FHIR. Because FHIR is an emerging technology, many hospitals are still evaluating the potential benefits of using it. Over the last year, we’ve been gaining more experience with FHIR, and our team was able to help the developers we spoke with understand how to get started. The great thing about our PHOENIX FHIR server is that it enables developers to quickly build and pilot new FHIR applications.

Additionally, we learned about the latest developments from other companies working on FHIR solutions, electronic quality measures and patient engagement. We especially enjoyed a presentation from Dignity Health and Meducation. The two organizations gave a standout talk on their FHIR-enabled app. Since 43% of Dignity Health’s patients are ESL (English as a Second Language), their app helps patients understand and stick to their care plans after they are discharged from the hospital.

Cerner Health Conference CHC2018

Overall, we left the conference with a deeper understanding of Cerner’s roadmap, and we’re excited to see what the future brings for FHIR and healthcare technology. Our team is already planning the next visit to Kansas City for CHC 2019 and more BBQ!