Using Twilio and Slack to make childbirth less unpredictable
Or: “How I stopped worrying and learned to love the bot”

How can expecting parents use technology to facilitate better communication? Here, an Asymmetrik Software Engineer explains how Twilio and Slack can help. My wife is nine months pregnant with our first child; the baby could come any day now. While it’s an exciting time, anyone who has been in this situation knows that the last couple […]

April 01, 2019
Can You Repeat That?
Query Clarification in Voice User Interfaces

In a standard text entry search interface, understanding user intentions is hard enough. But, when users have the ability to speak their search into a Voice User Interface (VUI), getting accurate results can be even harder. As voice search becomes more prevalent in everyday life, designers and engineers are still trying to understand how to […]

March 04, 2019
Getting Started with FHIR and GraphQL
A Step-by-Step Guide

GraphQL and FHIR are two emerging technologies that we’re passionate about. In fact, we recently flew to Amsterdam for FHIR DevDays to give a talk on how to integrate GraphQL into FHIR. If you’re interested in playing around with these technologies too, you’re in luck – we created an open source server in Node.js. It’s […]

February 04, 2019
electrical plugs usb assortment
Building Portable FHIR Apps
Challenges and a Case Study

FHIR® is supposed to allow all health systems to talk to each other. But, is it really a common language? In this post, Healthcare Tech Lead Andrew Marcus dives deeper, and looks into some of the challenges in building portable FHIR® apps. Meanings and Context According to George Bernard Shaw, “The United States and Great […]

January 10, 2019
space shuttle launching Columbia
The Pitfalls of PowerPoint
Lessons from the Columbia Disaster

PowerPoint and presentations usually go hand in hand. But, is PowerPoint always the best way to communicate a message? In this post, UX Designer Libby Duryee dives into the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster to illustrate why PowerPoint should be used with care. A Piece of Foam In 2003, as the Columbia Space Shuttle launched, a […]

November 12, 2018