Meet our Mascot
All About Farley the Black Sheep

Farley the black sheep has long been the unofficial mascot at Asymmetrik. He embodies the kinds of traits we as Asymmetrik-ers value. Farley isn’t afraid to challenge assumptions or go against the prevailing opinion – in other words, he’s not afraid to stand out from the herd. Farley the World Traveler When he isn’t blazing […]

March 14, 2017
We Took the Mannequin Challenge
…and we Think we Nailed it

Mannequin Challenge? I think we nailed it. Mannequin Challenge… Why? It was a quiet day in the Asymmetrik office. We had a videographer making some shorts to promote our culture and hiring process. Little did we know they brought a steady-cam and were totally cool. We asked if they could shoot a Mannequin Challenge video […]

February 05, 2017