Intern Spotlight: Blaise Brennan
Q&A with an Asymmetrik Software Intern

Blaise Brennan didn’t always think he was going to be a software developer intern. Prior to coming to Asymmetrik, he spent a year working at a law firm, where his days involved paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. Blaise enjoyed the job and learned lots – including that he didn’t want to be a lawyer! A […]

June 21, 2017
The A-Team: Kristen Davis
Q&A with Asymmetrik’s UX Lead

Kristen Davis joined Asymmetrik to bolster our user experience (UX), digital design, and software development capabilities. As our UX team lead, she’s helping us deliver awesome software that people love to use. For over 11 years, Kristen has been dedicated to the art and science of UX. We’re super excited to have her as part […]

April 02, 2017
Meet our Mascot
All About Farley the Black Sheep

Farley the black sheep has long been the unofficial mascot at Asymmetrik. He embodies the kinds of traits we as Asymmetrik-ers value. Farley isn’t afraid to challenge assumptions or go against the prevailing opinion – in other words, he’s not afraid to stand out from the herd. Farley the World Traveler When he isn’t blazing […]

March 14, 2017
We Took the Mannequin Challenge
…and we Think we Nailed it

Mannequin Challenge? I think we nailed it. Mannequin Challenge… Why? It was a quiet day in the Asymmetrik office. We had a videographer making some shorts to promote our culture and hiring process. Little did we know they brought a steady-cam and were totally cool. We asked if they could shoot a Mannequin Challenge video […]

February 05, 2017