Asymmetrik Named Finalist in Cerner Code App Challenge
Cardiac Consultant App Selected
Sep 12, 2018

Asymmetrik is a finalist in the Cerner Code App Challenge!

For this challenge, we partnered with Mile Two, an Ohio-based company specializing in human factors research and cognitive engineering. Together, we created Cardiac Consultant to help doctors educate patients about their individual risk for heart disease and stroke. Today, Cerner named Cardiac Consultant as 1 of 4 finalists in their national competition for innovative new healthcare apps.

Why This Matters

Tragically, heart attacks, strokes, and other heart diseases account for 1 in 3 deaths overall in the United States. But, many of these deaths can be prevented with better patient education and engagement. This is where Asymmetrik and Mile Two hope to make a difference.

Often, risk calculators can be clunky and difficult to use. Because of this, it’s hard for patients to actually see and digest information. What sets Cardiac Consultant apart is its usability. Asymmetrik and Mile Two’s intuitive visual design focuses on making data easy to understand. Doctors and their patients can interact with the app to see how factors such as age and family history combine with lifestyle choices to affect heart health. This way, patients can take a more active role in their care.

Because Cardiac Consultant connects directly to Cerner’s electronic health record system, it can pull a patient’s health data and factor it directly into the risk calculation. Our team built the app using SMART on FHIR®, an emerging healthcare IT standard which makes exchanging data between health systems seamless and secure.

Here’s how it works:

What’s Next

At Asymmetrik, we’re focused on interoperability, or making it easier for systems to talk to one another. Whether it’s fighting the opioid crisis, or empowering patients to take control of their care, interoperability can vastly improve health outcomes.

Next month, we’ll be presenting the app at the Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City, where thousands of attendees will vote on the final winner of the challenge. So, if you want to see what happens, follow us for updates!