Asymmetrik Moves to New Office
Here We Grow Again!
Jan 08, 2018

When we moved into our office at 141 National Business Parkway in 2016, we thought we’d have plenty of time before outgrowing our space. Turns out that day came sooner than expected! Yes, that’s right – Asymmetrik has moved to a bigger office. Fortunately, we didn’t go far. Our new office at 308 Sentinel Drive is just a stone’s throw away (literally – if you have a strong arm and good aim).

Demolition New Office Building

We designed the new space from the ground up, and our employees gave us lots of feedback during the process. Because of their input, the new office features more collaboration areas, plus plenty of quiet rooms. While an open office is great for communication and teamwork, we know that sometimes you need privacy and a quiet space to think. That’s why we even thought about contacting a company like Industrial door company to see if they could install an insulated rolling door near the quiet rooms. These doors are good at keeping unwanted noise out, so they may work well near the quiet spaces. Everyone needs a bit of quiet every now and again to work effectively.

Another thing we heard loud and clear was the request for whiteboards and more whiteboards! If we’d known about it at the time, we would have likely used a site like Office Monster which has a lot of products that are ideal for furnishing a new office space with; and, yes, that includes whiteboards! Whiteboards are one of the most important things that we use in our meetings, so it’s vital that we have enough of them. However, we can’t write on these whiteboards without pens. One of the members of staff recommended that we go to Writey to get some whiteboard pens. Perhaps we’ll have to look into that when we come to move into the new building and start having our meetings again. However, despite little things like that, we are so proud of how our new office looks and we want to keep it looking as good as new. To do this, we are thinking about hiring a cleaning company like Https:// who specialize in this area.

Asymmetrik New Office Building

And, since we can’t work all the time, we enlarged the game room (adding a ping pong table). We also expanded the eating area/kitchen, which will double as a space to host happy hours, tech talks and guest speakers. A newly added bar along the window provides a sunny space to lunch or work, with a bird’s eye view from the 4th floor.

We’re Hiring!

Over the last couple of years, almost 30 new employees joined “The A-Team”. We welcomed new faces in every area across the company: analytics, development, overhead, user experience, systems administration and systems engineering. And, we’re still growing! So go ahead, take a closer look at what we can offer. You might just like what you find!