Asymmetrik Launches Phoenix Enterprise FHIR® Server
Now, with multiversioning
Aug 03, 2020

We’re excited to announce the launch of Phoenix Enterprise FHIR® Server, an enterprise version of Asymmetrik’s award-winning award-winning Phoenix Open Source FHIR® Server.

Phoenix Enterprise is a robust, multi-versioning FHIR® Server capable of supporting DSTU2, STU3, and R4 FHIR versions. This enables industry partners to make their data available in HL7’s FHIR® format, regardless of the legacy system and existing data format.

Phoenix Enterprise FHIR® Server Key Features

  • R4, STU3, and DSTU2 versioning
  • One server, 3 versions
  • Integratable with your own authorization server
  • Performant, horizontally scalable due to a modern tech stack
  • Cloud agnostic, deployment agnostic

Backed by AWS RDS, Phoenix Enterprise is extremely performant and can be scaled horizontally on-demand. Additionally, Phoenix Enterprise functionality can easily be extended with custom resources and extensions. Simply bring your own authorization server to enforce OAuth security and launch SMART on FHIR® Apps against it.

Why Use Phoenix FHIR® Server?

Asymmetrik’s Phoenix FHIR® Server is a favorite among software developers in digital healthcare. With Phoenix FHIR® Server, healthcare organizations can:

  • Preserve their initial technology investments in data infrastructure by allowing access to legacy data using a common API standard (HL7 FHIR®)
  • Ensure data security and compliance through secure design, best practices, and comprehensive access, audit and provenance controls
  • Enable the creation of new classes of data-driven applications for healthcare business process improvement, patient acquisition and engagement, and research

With Data Interoperability in demand by federal mandates, a key objective is allowing patients more access to their own health data. And from the payer side, Phoenix FHIR® Server helps payers to comply with the latest release 21st Century Cures regulations, which are scheduled to begin enforcing July 1, 2021.

These regulations mandate insurers offering Medicare or Medicaid plans to implement and maintain a secure, FHIR® Patient Access Application Programming Interface (API) to enable members / patients to easily access billing data, encounter information, and clinical data.

“We’re extremely excited to launch a server that complies with the most recent federal mandates, as well as the overall industry goal of bringing healthcare data into the hands of the consumer and advancing new development and innovations” says Amit Singh, Asymmetrik’s Chief Technology Officer.

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