History & Mission

Do big things—with less.

Asymmetrik is based on the premise that each person has the obligation to improve the world around them using their unique talents. By joining with like-minded people with complementary strengths, we’ve found that it takes only a small number of good people to enact change – one that is extraordinarily greater than the sum of its parts.


In 2000, Amit Singh founded KANAK Consulting LLC, a one-man shop serving government clients within the Department of Defense, DARPA, NASA, and the White House. When Amit and Mike Frentz, a colleague he’d worked with on multiple successful projects, realized that they were both marching to the beat of a different drummer, they decided to form a different kind of company. They chose the name Asymmetrik, inspired by the concept of asymmetric contribution – the idea that minimal (but extremely talented) resources and unconventional approaches can bring about inordinate progress.

Coincidentally, Amit and Mike are both left-handed electrical engineers.  To achieve some sort of balance, in 2009 they brought on Veronique Pham (an analyst extraordinaire who had previously worked with Mike) to start an analytics division. And in 2011, Asymmetrik transitioned into a corporation, Asymmetrik Ltd., evolving into an employee-owned company that provides greater opportunity, security, and equity-sharing to grow and reward our world-class staff.


Our mission is to improve how our clients in government and healthcare do business. By combining software expertise with our analytics team’s insights, we’re able to gain unique perspectives into our customer’s problems that typical software companies cannot.

Asymmetrik has the process, equipment, methods, and most importantly, the culture and colleagues that the modern software environment demands – and that most organizations (outside of Silicon Valley VC-funded firms) are hard pressed to build or sustain. We work with our clients as exclusive partners for their industry – rapidly iterating towards otherwise unattainable solutions which support a continually evolving mission, especially needed in today’s dynamic and unpredictable business environment.

Long term customers may have the option to purchase equity in Asymmetrik Ltd. (a privately held corporation for the benefit of its shareholders) in order to gain a monetary interest in the shared intellectual property built across diverse business sectors.



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Whether it’s creating digital healthcare solutions which make a positive impact in the lives of patients, or building tools to help protect our country, we do work that matters.

We believe in continually improving our world whenever we see the opportunity.


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We take care of our employees by providing competitive compensation that includes monetary as well as cultural, educational, and personal fulfillment.

We help employees secure their financial future through a well-managed retirement platform and benefits that allow employees to focus on what’s important in life – trying not to worry about the things that are not.


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As employers go, Asymmetrik’s goal is to attract and retain the best, and reward them appropriately.

We treat everyone (whether employees, candidates, customers, teammates, suppliers, or competitors) as respected individuals. We value them for their ideas and contributions, and give them the opportunities to discover their potential. We help them grow as individuals and professionals without politics, bureaucracy, or fear of judgment.

We demand the best from ourselves and from those we work with.