Nimble moves mountains.

Asymmetrik specializes in software development and data analytics for clients in the Baltimore/D.C./Virginia area. Since 2008, we’ve been helping government and healthcare organizations cut through bureaucracy and increase efficiency. Using vetted open-source components to build tailored enterprise solutions, Asymmetrik bypasses the high cost and extended time of custom development. Our small team development approach is precise and efficient, attacking complex challenges with an arsenal of tech expertise, deep-dive analytics, user experience design, and research fundamentals.

We work with enterprises with important missions to increase the effectiveness of intrinsic processes – sometimes by an order of magnitude.  It is amazing what is possible when working in concert with the right partner.

Mike Frentz, CEO and Partner



  • Become a seamless partner with our clients
  • Create maximum impact with minimal resources
  • Hire industry-leading experts
  • Do right by your partners, your clients, and  your colleagues
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Asymmetrik helps government and healthcare organizations bridge the gaps between management, analysts, and engineers. This gives voice to each group’s needs and quickly turns ideas into solutions.

We build working prototypes which evolve from each stakeholder’s input, encouraging collaboration and flow of ideas. Our small, expert teams create and iterate on proofs-of-concept in as little as weeks or days, not months or years.


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We earn the trust of clients by investing in them – often before they invest in us. Our culture of accountability includes veteran staff who meet our uncompromising standards. And, we have an extensive track record of success on high-stakes projects for clients in government, defense, and healthcare.

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